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During a drive-by of Kristin Sloan’s superblog The Winger (of iPhone commercial fame), I happened by a news item in the sidebar about Deborah Friedes’ and Tal Galili’s aggregator Dance Bloggers.  I couldn’t tell you why it didn’t occur to me to see whether such a site even existed, but I’m nonetheless happy to have found it (yours truly is awaiting approval for inclusion on their list).  Suddenly I have a lot of catching up to do, but after a cursory right-clicking binge that just about crashed my browser, I can at least share some initial observations.  A few links are highly specialized and fascinating–Choreobot chronicles the dev behind a DanceForms-esque phrase generator, for example–but most seem to be some kind of street-level field news and/or dancer journal.  Friedes’ own blog Dance In Israel is on the list; from the relative enormity of “Batsheva Dance Company” and “Ohad Naharin” in her tag cloud it will at the very least be a convenient go-to for news on those lovelies.  NYC is heavily represented, even within an almost-random sample, but there are a few voices from elsewhere, like Melbourne, Philadelphia and San Francisco, as well as some endearing campus chronicles.

One gem I was able to find without any effort was a recent entry from Reflections on Dance discussing the experience of a colleague involved in the January 1 improvathon I linked to in last weekend’s roundup roundup, which was just the sort of followup on that project I was looking for.  It’s nice too to see there are venues that provide info on inside news, like the Joyce’s and DTW’s blogs, and it’s high time I introduced myself to some of the bigger players on the scene such as Movmnt Magazine, Paul Ben-Itzak’s The Dance Insider, and Tobi Tobias’ umbrella site Seeing Things.

Anyway, it’s a great resource and I look forward to being a part of the Dance Bloggers community (cough hint)–go check it out.

UPDATE: Dance Bloggers just added me to their network.  Thanks guys!



  1. Welcome to Dance Bloggers! Thanks for joining and for this great post. I’m glad you’re finding some interesting blogs and articles in the dance blogosphere; I myself am amazed at the wealth of blogs and also (constantly!) feel like I have lots of catching up to do . . .

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