Posted by: trailerpilot | 12:23::2008

For the record.

The most recent CDF/Silverspace Salon was hosted by Lucia Mauro, who spoke on dance and new media.  Throughout the discussion, “new media” was used more or less interchangably with “the internet.”  I raised the point that there is no journal of record for the Chicago dance community, and that this presents a number of both opportunities and disadvantages.  I don’t want to be too prescriptive right now about what I want this blog to accomplish, but I do want to say that I hope to provide both considered content and an open forum for Chicago dancemakers, observers and practitioners to process all the amazing and unique dance that happens in this city.  As well, this blog will be a venue for whatever subject (dance-related or otherwise) about which I have the urge to blather.  Hence the “&c.”





  1. I am returning to comment on this Town Hall Meeting we had for the dance community. What has been bugging me, for lack of any better word, is that we left that thing without much consideration for resolution to a heightening problem with media (specifically print/reviewer) coverage of dance happenings here in Chicago.

    So without going into to much detai, the gist of the evening was focused on how to better represent dance online. With print becoming less and less interested in the arts – does that really mean that we need to abolish the critic, the reviewer, or an objective eye who keeps things relevant?

    I should have spoke up. I should have proposed what has been in my head for a while now, but I cannot lead the revolution – just blab about changing the system here…

    What if the DANCE COMMUNITY got together to fund writers for their time to write about dance & submit a review or preview online to a community blog?

    More thought and requirements would have to be discussed, but I am disheartened at the lack of coverage dance gets in this city and also the actual reviewers kinda seem to be bailing out; almost begging for “new blood” to step up.

    I would love to have someone play Devil’s Advocate here! So fire away with questions or commentary and I will try my best to keep up!

    ~Atalee Judy
    Breakbone DanceCo.

    • I felt too that it opened a conversation that wasn’t sufficiently fleshed out. It was actually very instrumental in solidifying my decision to start this blog. Anyway, I would say that, no, a waning lack of print media dedication to dance should not be seen as indicative of a waning lack of interest therein, nor do I think online possibilities are anything less than an incredible opportunity w/r/t a rich conversation about developments in the form (locally and globally) having a place at the table.

      With regards to your what-if, I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to carry the spirit of conflict-of-interest concerns and regulations with us over the bridge from print to “virtual” journalism. A community of artists collectively funding “impartial” coverage of its doings in order to comprise some sort of record is, I have to say, the wrong approach. But I also don’t think comprehensive performance coverage is inherently charitable or lacks the potential for return. If anything, the vacuum when it comes to a studied overview of local dance happenings makes the right candidate more and not less attractive. As someone who grew up knowing most of Dance Magazine‘s issues inside and out, it’s a market with plenty of ad growth in it [especially if the usual (print) venues for said advertisers’ copy are hemorrhaging audience, if not disappearing altogether]. The businesses whose ads filled each of DM‘s last 25 pages–BFA programs, mail-order dancewear suppliers, conservatories &c.–certainly haven’t gone anywhere, even if they may temporarily have more conservative marketing budgets. Fortunately for them, online advertising rates–especially those in emerging markets and in hard-to-describe demographic niches–are still a bargain compared to visible print space in an industry rag with a monopoly on share.

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